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Who are we?

The Animal Imaging Database (AIDB) is a sub-project of the Cell Centered Database (http://ccdb.ucsd.edu) designed to provide a public repository for animal imaging data sets from MRI and related techniques. The Cell Centered Database (CCDB) is a web accessible database for high resolution 2D, 3D and 4D data from light and electron microscopy. The AIDB data model is modified from the basic model of the CCDB where microscopic images are combined to make 2D, 3D and 4D reconstructions. The public AIDB website (http://aidb.crbs.ucsd.edu) provides the ability for browsing, visualizing and downloading the animal subjected MRI data. The AIDB is a pilot project to serve the current need for public imaging repositories for animal imaging data.

Data spotlight

The CCDB has made available over 40 segmented datasets from high resolution magnetic resonance imaging of inbred mouse strains through the prototype AIDB. These data were acquired as part of the Mouse BIRN project by Drs. G. Allan Johnson and Robert Williams.
More information about these data can be found in Badea et al. (2009) (Genetic dissection of the mouse CNS using magnetic resonance microscopy - Pubmed: 19542887)

Data spotlight
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