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Examples of keywords:
  • thalamus
  • Olfactory Bulbs
  • Hypothalamus
  • Optic tract
  • Ventral Thalamic Nuclei

A convenient way to search!

No need to type the keywords! All you need to do is to:
  1. Highlight some keyword (or keywords) on a webpage in the search and display section.
  2. Right-click over the selected text
  3. Click on "Search AIDB"

You can try these keywords:


Data Retrieval

If you already have the CCDB accession number (i.e. microscopy product ID), just enter it below.

Accession #  

Project tree structure

To view the tree structure of a project, either enter the project ID or select from the list of projects and then click View

Project ID  

Show project list

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